Croatian rose wine

French kings Philip IV and Louis XIV considered this drink a gift from God. Rose wines are famous for the aroma of strawberries, grapefruit, raspberries, red currants, almonds, lindens and more. They easily quench thirst. Thanks to a simple neutral taste these wines are suitable for any holidays. Our Vizzulin Rose is made out of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. More about how rose wine is made you can read in our blog.

      • Vizzulin Rose Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Quality Wine (kvalitetno Vino)

      Vizzulin Rosé has a fine and seductive pink color with pleasant fruity odor between which we can sense berries of berry fruit. Ideally chilled at 10 to 12 ° C can be served as an aperitif with light and simple meals but it can also accompany more complex dishes such as grilled fish and lightly roasted meat. Superbly fits with chilled strawberries, raspberries and watermelon as a refreshment in hot summer days.

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      REGION Dalmatia, Drnis
      GRAPE COMPOSITION Cabernet Sauvignon
      CATEGORY Rose
      BOTTLE SIZE 0.75l
      CLOSURE Natural Cork
      ALCOHOL 13.8 % vol
      YEAR 2016
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      • 110 kn
    • vizzulin cabernet sauvignon rose front 700x995
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