Classification of Croatian wine

Hello dear wine lovers!

In this article i would like to explain the classification of the Croatian wine so when you visit a store somewhere at the Croatian coast while on holiday you know what to buy ;)

First of all, wine is classified by quality. We differ three types:

  1. Vrhunsko vino - Premium quality wine.
  2. Kvalitetno vino - Quality wine.
  3. Stolno vino - Table wine.


The quality mark can be find on the label of every wine produced in Croatia. The quality stamp is obtained by complying with some legal regulations such as if grapes originate from a specific and limited growing area, if grapes are of certain varieties or groups of grape varieties, if permissible yield per hectare is not exceeded, if it has a characteristic chemical composition and organoleptic properties and so on. Also, wines can have geographical origin stamp which is obtained if the wine is produced from the grapes grown in the same wine growing region. If the wine has a grape varietal stamp, it must contain at least 85% of  the grape which name it carries.

Level of sweetness in Croatian:

  1. Suho: Dry
  2. Polusuho: Semi-dry
  3. Slatko: Sweet
  4. Bijelo: White
  5. Crno: Red (literally Black)
  6. Rosa: Rose
  7. Prošek: Dalmatian dessert wine


Hope it helps :)

VizzWine team

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