Croatian vineyard Vizzulin


Winery and wine Vizzulin were created on the basis of vineyard and winemaking traditions of two family vines, one - from Kaštela, connected with the sea and the country's benefits, the climate and tradition of deliberated winemaking; and the other – Zagorans, linked to the hard stone, a slut of land and the winds of Promine and Svilaje mountains to whom the vineyard was their pride and decoration.
The old owners have been exporting obtained wines from these vineyards to Italy during the Second World War and were often awarded high prizes at competitions.

As in the past, we continue to do so today.


Today's Vizzulin wines have begun their journey in 2010. by planting a new vineyard in the area of the Badanj settlement, in a locality called Mijović.

Soil's benefits, the ideal altitude, the collision of the Mediterranean and continental climate on this particular terroir, all linked by modern technology for grape growing and wine production and especially great expertise and love of the people involved in the production Vizzulin wines given and are giving nowadays well recognized by experts, but also refined vinegar palate in Croatia and beyond.


The name of the Vizzulin wine and winery, whose legal holder is OPG Reljic Borna, was given by our great-grandfather and grandfather Josip Reljić Vizzulin who in the late 19th century, from the birthplace of Kaštela moved to Drniš, carrying within himself everything he had in the old part of the country, living and working in the wine and grapevine environment.

Wishing to continue building this world of our families through vineyards, we decided to plant this grape vine variety that will keep the autochthonous space in which our roots are, but also those with which we want to be part of civilizations that have lived with wine for centuries.


So we try to make our wines to be a bond of Dalmatian traditional personality, but of world trends.

This lovely bondage with vineyards and wine is our destiny of which we are proud, but we do not want to be selfish and keep it for ourselves, but share it with all well-wishers whose respect for wine is an integral part of their lives.

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